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The Wrongful Conviction of Alfred Trenkler
Jurors Disavow Guilty Verdict

In a move virtually unprecedented in the federal court system four members of the Alfred Trenkler jury, including the jury forewoman Sheridan Kassirer asked trial judge Rya Zobel for a retrial because they felt that an innocent man may have been wrongfully convicted. A fifth juror did not need to read the book; he wrote the trial judge with the same sentiments after hearing about the first four jurors; he happened to to be one of a few hold-out jurors that had felt the trial was a scam based on flawed science.

After reading the book "Perfectly Innocent" the four jurors felt that much of the evidence that was presented at trial and accepted by the jury is now highly suspect. This includes:

In spite of these five jurors disavowing their guilty verdict Judge Zobel in March 2009 denied Alfred a new trial. Just what does it take to obtain a new trial for a wrongfully convicted man?