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The Wrongful Conviction of Alfred Trenkler
Thomas Shay Sr. - The Other Suspect

Shay's Paranoia

Shay had been playing the part of the paranoid victim for years as witnessed by these actions prior to the bomb blast:

Shay's Motives

Shay had several motives for the creation of a bomb. Shay is a professional plaintiff and knew, following his son's deposition,which was not helpful to Shay, that his lawsuit was in trouble. He decided, perhaps in collusion with others, that the appearance of a bomb attempt would dramatize the lawsuit and perhaps achieve a larger settlement. of particular notice:

Shay's Method to Make the Bomb

Shay's Prior Lawsuits

Insurance lawsuit scams were Shay's significant source of income spanning decades. He interacted with lawyers in the course of his auto body business, and they showed him how to use lawsuits for his gain. Shay had become a professional plaintiff that knew how to manipulate the system.

Shay's Suspicious Activities

There were many items pointing suspicion at Shay that the government downplayed.

Four Witnesses that Saw Shay Carrying a Black Box

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